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 Georgia State Cotton Museum pen and ink by Rod Pittam
 Georgia State Cotton Museum

Open Wed-Fri 10:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Cotton has been a way of life for many centuries and stands to remain a major part of our culture and commerce. The Georgia State Cotton Museum is located in the eastern part of Vienna, between historic downtown and I-75.  It outlines the history of cotton, and includes a collection of artifacts such as a bale of cotton, farm tools, cotton bolls and periodicals.  A visit to the museum and you will be enlightened on how farmers dealt with planting, controlling the insects, prayed for rain and sunshine, and waited for the white fluff to appear at harvest time.

 Address & Contact Information:
P. O. Box 436, 1321 East Union Street
Vienna, GA 31092
Phone: (229)268-2045 or (229) 268-4744
 I-75, Exit 109, go west about 1/4 mile.  The Georgia State Cotton Museum will be on the right.


Vienna Cultural Center
 (Currently Closed at this time.)

 Vienna Cultural Center

The Prince of Peace Episcopal Church, built in 1903, 
was restored by the Vienna Historic Preservation Society.


Vienna Murals
Vienna Better Hometown started a mural series in 2004.
Artist Rod Pittam of Pittam & Associates was selected to paint a
series of 
murals to capture downtown Vienna's history. 

The first depicts the 1930's era of downtown Vienna when a trip
to town was a once a week occurance for those who did not live
or work 
inside the city.

 Downtown Vienna Early 1930's Mural

  The second mural is of Forbes Drug Store in the 1950's.
A magnificent soda fountain was among one of the things that you could find inside the drug store.
Summer days were filled with younsters and teen agers enjoying a "welfare special" 
(Cherry coke) named for its popularity with the neighboring Social Services office.
While two of the men in the mural were the first and second generation of Forbes,
their legacy lives
on as the 3rd generation of Forbes own and operate the business.
Forbes Drug Store Mural

Dooly County Courthouse